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Different Ways

Revealing the Feminine

Welcome to Different Ways. This website is where you come to read  about the book, discuss the book, buy the book, contact the author or leave a review. Thanks.

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Human Lives unfold in a myriad of different ways revealing truths to be shared. This story is one woman's confessional. It is a memoir about the importance of being broken and the ways a life can be navigated as such. While it is, essentially, the story of one life, it invites a heightened perspective of what is nested within events and choices in anyone's experience. 

This is a narrative about taking off the mask, leaving roles, and surrendering to one's authentic life.

Different Ways - Revealing the Feminine

By Cile

I am clever with tools. While I am obviously an author, to refer to me as a writer is a bit like calling an assembler of Ikea furniture, a woodworker. It is somewhat of a slight to those who are devoted to word craft and storytelling. What I am is a wonderer of things and I'm given to writing things down; making lists, reminders, and, occasionally, a misguided letter or two. This book is one of my longer compositions.

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Feel free to leave a comment or an email. I hope you found something in the book that resonated with you. Thanks for stopping by.

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Paperback copies are no longer available at Amazon
Purchases can be made at Village Books and through contacting the author....because small, independent bookstores need the love, you know.
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