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Episode Eighty Nine, The Mule Got Lost and Drunk in Heaven

Updated: Jan 11

I am glad Not many men or women can remain Faithful lovers to the unreal.

There is a kind of adultery That God encourages:

We worship our minds and what we think. Most of us, given a moment to reflect on the scope of ideas we have had in our life, would recognize that our thoughts might not actually be our greatest asset. We have, however, as humans thousands of years of cultivating a belief that this is so. We have it drilled into us that our minds are superior and we are attached to that perception. It is not something that is going to relinquish its reign easily. Our mental prowess is what has built this wonderful and amazing civilization around us. All of what is manufactured is from thought! The other elements (involved behind the scenes) are not recognized as valuable or predominant and much of how what is man-made becoming destructive in the world is because our minds have supplanted our ability to temper our thinking with the balance of this depreciated source.

Like what has happened to the earth as a symbol of the female principle, we have negated in our ambition the balance provided by the feminine in our musings and our plans. The female knows that shitting directly into a food source, no matter how productive monetarily, is not a sustainable plan. It is unrealistic. As the power of money has grown through capitalism, there has also grown a resistance to sustainability and tempered thinking regarding prosperity. Capitalism has really created a monster world wide and we - each one of us - has a stake in it maintaining its momentum, no matter the cost (ironically).

That is not to say capitalism is all bad but the revealing of its flaws or slowing its growth allows an opportunity to rethink how we trade goods and services and how we have valued these things. It is a huge subject to consider but perhaps it is time, like Hafiz' mule... perhaps it is time to have a drink and get lost and excited in the prospects of a better world.

Thank you for listening.


Music: As Americans we are an opportunistic group. With our Puritanical roots and our tendencies towards conquest and winning, we often forego the temperance of realizing consequence in our decision making. It is only the heady flight of excitement produced by the initial idea that sparks our impetuous desires that has been important to us. We are learning we must change how we have done this. We have marched this childish lack of responsibility to each other and to our environment to its limit. There is a cold spot in the timeline of a song where it ceases to matter if we can't dance to it. We can do better.

Of note: Dolly Parton Muleskinner Blues 1970.

Artist: John Boydell, A Midsummer Night's Dream, II, i Titania, Bottom, Fairies

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