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Episode One Hundred Fifty Four, I Imagine Now For Ages

Does what we are doing today reverberate through all human experience through the ages? Somewhat of an overwhelming thought. This idea can be both daunting and inspiring, perhaps depending on how one's day is going. I like to think that the kinder, higher vibrational parts of myself are dancing around being sorted and filtered through by our ever debilitated yet still benevolent, earthly ionosphere to return to future mes and my unborn kindred in some helpful form or another. I'm quite firm in my belief that nothing of love is ever lost as this energy is timeless. I'm also aware that the vibration of love is not often the medicine of love can be a dose and a half of reality to bring life into healthy realignment.

So does it matter what we are thinking and what we are cursing and what and who we are blaming? Probably not directly. But what might matter is what suffers while we are indulging those things with so much focus and energy. What does matter is punching holes in the ionosphere with meanness so that we disable ourselves.

Hafiz writes in this poem about imagining for the ages and, while we may not have the kind of engagement a Sufi master has with words and thought, we do have the power of heart and intention and these things are of value. We can choose to let blaming and irrelevant dramas stop sucking up our time and use that energy to imagine a better now for the ages.

Thank you for listening.

Music: Red Rain, it is said, was a song Peter Gabriel wrote in response to a reoccurring dream theme he had in the eighties. There is more on this here. It came to mind as I was imagining human thought and desire intermingling with a kind of earthly filter like the ionosphere. We have divinity within us if we choose to access it and use it. We can conceive a brilliant future with the seeds of our intentions.

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