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Episode Two Hundred Twenty Nine, Stealing Back The Flute

Trusting soul is a tall order. We know this instinctively. There is much about soul that is way beyond the precious kind of ideas we nurture around our importance. Soul is more like the cosmos, nature or the weather and its irascibility can be counted on accordingly. It is nurturing one minute and ready to kill us the next for reasons we cannot comprehend. It is a monstrous force that holds the cosmic that has investment the real estate in our lives all of which is negotiable beyond our reckoning. None of us individually is that important, frankly, it is our energetic sum that carries the weight in this world. So if soul surfaces in a life it is with a greater intention than just what we know. One doesn't cozy up to soul; one faces it down and surrenders with as much grace as one can muster. This is why trusting soul is such a scary enterprise and it is only revealed as benevolence when we realize soul is essentially us.

So when soul shows up and says trust this one doesn't get all rubbery with the details. It can show up and we don't even notice if we are not ready - or - we may notice and not recognize it for what it is, more commonly. If we do notice, we step into our hearts and, as far as our heads...

...The only business I am concerned

With these


Since I heard the moon's drunk




Back our flute from


Krishna's flute represents being human as a reed and the holes in the reed are our life experiences and the music is produced through our breathing out what we have learned of life with the flute. Hafiz wants to steal something of what only the holy can partake. He has fallen under the influence.

Music: Once a person trusts soul and is in its flow, one must move with it and answer its Divine call. It becomes the only game in town. So sings Billie Holiday in this song Comes Love, a 1939 jazz standard performed and recorded by countless artist because of the lyrical accuracy of describing the experience.

The original post in this series of poems by Hafiz (including an addendum regarding the authenticity of these poems) can be found here. Also, my thoughts on this series a year into these poems, HERE.

The Gift: Poems by Hafiz and translated by Daniel Ladinsky can be purchased here.

My book can be purchased HERE. E-book HERE. The Season Two blogcasts with audio excerpts from my book begin HERE: in Behind The Lines. This reading of the book excerpts in a mixed media format is Season Two of this blog. These recorded excerpts are outside the chronological order in which the book was written. Podcasts with audio only beginning with episode 22 can be found HERE.


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