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Episode Three, Let's Eat

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

We have within us an abundance like the world has never known before. We consume yet we starve to death for want for what will truly fulfill us.

This is a bountiful and sustainable life. We can leave off hoarding and pining for what has been promised by others. Let's eat!

What stands between what will fill us and what we think we need? Only ourselves. We need a deeper understanding that we all have everything we need to secure satiation every minute of every day. That life, however, lives beyond a construct of thought that thrives on the idea of scarcity. We were lied to in this way and we must let that lie die along with the idea that all abundance comes from a magical other in space, place, or person. We must let that lie die in the fields of war, killing and conquest.

We have all arrived here in this world right on time. ALL of us and we owe each other the message that the strength we have within ourselves must be nurtured into recognition. This is our greatest power. Currently (2022) we have terrible suffering in the Ukraine as people are trying to understand why they are under siege by Russia. Oppressive regimes are under pressure to suppress democratic lives. It is happening because we are, all over the world, coming into understanding our own power and stepping into it. We are beginning to see that we no longer need to be dealt with and seen as a resource and dominated. Free and empowered people are a threat to the established and entrenched reality. Free people are a threat to the dominant constricting belief that there is not enough for everyone and what is here can belong only to a few.

We can help the Ukrainian people in many practical ways in support and there is no better way energetically that to forgo weeping tears around their suffering and send them STRENGTH! They are on the front lines for us ALL. It will be our turn again soon enough to face down this stubborn lie about who people are and what freedom means. Soon it will be our turn to hear about how there isn't enough for everyone and that a bountiful, sustainable life on earth is an impossibility. We know in our bones this will rise in our country again.

Music: I was thinking of John Lennon's song Give Peace a Chance and when I went to YouTube I found this inspiring video made to encourage the Ukrainian and Russian people in making their stand for peace in their homelands. It is obviously inspired by 1914 Great War Christmas Peace Truce, in the trenches of Ypres, Belgium. We need to be done with war. We are beyond it. Meanwhile we will send the Ukrainians and the resistance in Russia our strength and stand with them at the edge of the fight with chocolate and biscuits knowing that this is enough.

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