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Here Comes Your Eighth House Nervous Breakdown

When you were a child you were treated kind but you were never brought up right

You were always spoiled with a thousand toys but still you cried all night

Your mother who neglected you owes a million dollars tax

And you father's still perfecting ways of making sealing wax....

-Rolling Stones, 1966


It was 1993 when a young student named Suzanne approached me for a job at the box office I was managing at Arizona State University. I liked her, hired her and we spent time chatting about life as we waited for customers to approach the little window to purchase tickets. Over the years...actually decades...I lost track of Suzanne but I had a picture of her that I kept. I would wonder about her upon occasion as my eyes would catch the little photo tucked in amidst the many pictures in a display on the wall.

Then the internet happened... I tried to find her with no success... Then Facebook happened...I found her.

It wasn't, however, until I signed up for an Astrology class in 202o that Suzanne surfaced in my life as a fellow student that our friendship came into sharp relief. This time we connected over this common interest and, as often happens with important relationships in our lives, our friendship picked right back up where we left off nearly three decades earlier,

While my interest in Astrology has more to do with the archetypal and energetic influence of the planets on human lives, Suzanne has the chops to actually dive in an analyze planetary aspects in human evolution and development. This interest lead her to try to follow through on what I consider to be a brilliant learning platform for both herself, the people she is interviewing and anyone watching. The full extent of interviews is on her You Tube channel . An introduction video is here. In short, she is teaching herself, through analyzing the mid-life stories of others to better understand how the outer planets of the zodiac influence a person's development and passage into and through middle age. She is not only honing her craft but meeting interesting people that she is charting for in the bargain.

I have stumbled through six plus decades with family and loved ones without the use of

Astrology as a resource. In doing this video with Suzanne and using hindsight, I can see how having this knowledge that clearly defines nature (soul intention) from nurture (psychological impact) and can suggest a lifelong developmental trajectory could have helped me. I suspect that her intrepid advancement into this particular aspect of Astrology will help empower others. For anyone astro-curious, it is a lovely tutorial. I highly recommend enjoying all the interviews, not just mine. I suspect Suzanne will become very proficient at this type of analysis eventually and help many people navigate the "eye of the needle" so many may be better suited for a seat at the abundant table of the well experienced and wise.

This, like many of the things on my site, is not going to be to everyone's taste and that is how it should be because, you know....different ways.

Suzanne's Higher Frequency Life website

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