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Episode Eighty Eight, Back Into Herself

Updated: Jan 9

Being separated from source instills a longing that manifests for people in many different ways. I believe this desire to connect or reconnect is something that is hardwired into being a human being. A package deal. You will hunger; you will go mad with desire, be given no answers and, you will do anything to stop the yearning. I think it is a comfort - at least it has made my life clearer to me - owning that I chose this life on a level I am only sometimes keen on and - that I am voluntarily involved in the mess of life. I accept the separation from my divinity though it pains me everyday.

It is not easy being a human and even though I am born to what would be considered great luxury and wealth by billions of other people who struggle daily, I am not exempt from attempting to recognize and carry the burdens of others in any way I can. In fact I feel I MUST carry and hold space for others because I'm seeded in a situation the allows such abundance. That seems part of the dealio.

Still the sensation of waiting is omnipresent and a challenge because to live fully one must forego anticipating a future, hanging on to a past, and live aware in the present while trusting in presence to engage our belief. So we wait in a line, in time and in faith and, often, in frustration with our pastimes and our muses. Or, like Hafiz, we take moments to study and appreciate how to

...accompany the palms’ swaying arms

That are casting silhouettes

Against the sky’s curtain

Thank you for listening.


Music: Stand Back, Stevie Nicks. This song came to me as I was writing this post. The reference to waiting in a line seems to resonate with this poem.

...We all stand in line

For the highest



And with that, from Nicks:

'Standback' comes from a place unknown even to me. A hush surrounded it from the very beginning~and a feeling that it had always been was there from the first. 'Standback' lives in it's own timespace. It never belonged to me, it has always belonged to the world~and to Prince, who inspired the entire song.

~Stevie Nicks, Timespace Tourbook, 1991

More interesting history regarding this song can be found in the comments HERE.

The original post in this series of poems by Hafiz (including an addendum regarding the authenticity of these poems) can be found here.

The Gift: Poems by Hafiz and translated by Daniel Ladinsky can be purchased here.

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