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Episode Eighty One, Look! I'm A Whale

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

We have a supernatural playground and so many opportunities both celestial and temporal in which to engage. We are empowered with a tempest of choices. Are we this time the giver or this time the taker? Animal? Human? Big fish, little fish? Pacifist or aggressor? Victim, avenger, bully? We can be any of these but what we all have in common is that we are alive and aligned into the energetics of this planet.

All of these choices pool into a greater scenario of life that is beyond all conception in this dimension. Image having once been all the things we love and all that we fear. Imagine being weary of treading the earth and deciding to spend a life swimming in the seas. Both of these have their causal time and place in the choice. All lives are as they should be, as hard as that is to believe. Scenarios are played out, open wounds will leach and those so affected will cry out while somewhere else in the world scores dance for all the joys they are experiencing in their lives. Embodied souls will step in and play the foil or the paladin as assigned. It is all there for us to recognize, energetically process, and transform each in our own way. Hafiz suggests that whatever we have chosen, it has a perfection within it because we are all essentially living tuned to the same cosmic chord. Our experiences fine tune the love tone for all.

We have all heard the Flute Player

And keep dancing

Toward Him.

This beautiful song, Kuugarjuk - Altering the Timeline is from PIQSIQ. I found it as the result of an internet surf for some subject entirely different from this. There are so many beautiful discoveries to be made in an internet worm hole and this is one of them. "In Inuktut, a “piqsiq” is a type of storm where winds blow in a very specific way, making it look like the snow is falling back up towards the sky." It speaks to illusion. Sisters, Tiffany Kuliktana Ayalik and Kayley Inuksuk Mackay bring us their blood knowledge through their sound. I find it riveting and appropriate to this subject as we contemplate how we are living out our tempest of choices.

Photo credit Christopher Swann

The original post in this series of poems by Hafiz (including an addendum regarding the authenticity of these poems) can be found here.

The Gift: Poems by Hafiz and translated by Daniel Ladinsky can be purchased here.


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