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Episode Ninety Three, I Saw Two Birds

These times are wanting us to remember something we have never witnessed in this dimension and it is nerve wracking. Even if belief in the multidimensional or human evolution is not your jam, you probably noticed we are experiencing some rather radical earthly environmental and human events. We are are cultivated to be scared to death and driven to madness waiting for some awful eventuality to happen. It is to the point now that we are in the habit of wondering what the world would look like after a great earthquake or a massive weather event that is so large that it wipes out the power grid. We have already seen some things we never dreamed we'd see in this lifetime. The plague springs to mind. Nature always bats last, as they say. Then, in stronger moments, one wonders why we are not wondering about all the good that will rise from it? The fact that we forget that part is to our detriment. Some will understand the nature of these things and how the tides of evolution rise and fall. Some will remember.

Many peculiar as well as fascinating reactions have spawned in overactive imaginations to create constructs to try and hold these fears to keep them contained and explained and - in some cases, cultivated. Our minds are wired to do that. We invented religions for this purpose and it has served us well implying safety until times changed. Religion is falling short now as that construct goes through its last gasps. Aquarius let the dogma out. Now, in this in-between time, it is open season.

As it has been explained to me when I inquired about spiritual life, the irony is that faith and belief in nothing but ourselves is the way through to level up on the human trip. In the height of blasphemy, I'm told we have created this mess and we invest in it and now it is time to clean our rooms, so to speak, and when we are done with that, work on cleaning up the world. In simple terms, we are the source of all the answers to our prayers. We are god and involved in this spiraling that was created beyond the reach of our memory. We need to allow the rewiring of our egos to comprehend working with our life and cease always defending it. (This is the Cliff Notes version of a very complex unraveling that involves physics and other things that I'm not qualified to opine upon.) None of this is easy with 5 feet of water in your spiritual basement soaking your very real foundation because the levee broke. We were promised it would hold. It did for 2000 plus years; now it doesn't. Yet even with the chaos of all of this, the world allows benevolence and grace for even the tiniest shift of opening towards love and compassion. Our evolution requires we move forward.

Hafiz waxes poetic upon love in this poem. He seduces us into a musical, romantic lather that seems to encourage us that all will be well. He is saying two things in particular to me: I am never alone and I am involved with everyone with what I do autonomously in creating an abundant and sustainable world.

...Forget about all your desires for truth

We have gone far beyond that...

Thank you for listening.


Music: I sometimes think that if it wasn't for music we would have succumbed to our darkest essence long ago. I know I would have. Perhaps it is a projection on my behalf but I think that music has been the greatest, life-sustaining gift that we as humans maintain in this world. We may be vulgar 90% of the time but even in that, we keep the music flowing. In making music we are godly and creating something wonderful from allowing ourselves to surrender to translate pure energy. No music organization reflects this idea of singular creativity coming together to recreate something beautiful in an Aquarian way with all of the individual parts than Playing For Change. They embrace the world. This is not an ego trip; this is not idolizing and it is not political. It widens to embrace all. This is a perfect musical example of deconstruction to construct something greater than its whole. When The Levee Breaks featuring John Paul Jones.

Should you feel inclined, please support this amazing healing work replacing weapons with musical instruments in the hands of children all over the world done by Playing For Change by donating...or buying merch, if that is your thing. Thank you.

Artwork: Radha Krsna Playing Flute by Nila Vanwolf

The original post in this series of poems by Hafiz (including an addendum regarding the authenticity of these poems) can be found here.

The Gift: Poems by Hafiz and translated by Daniel Ladinsky can be purchased here.


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