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Episode One Hundred Eighty Five, Lousy At Math

There are a lot of ways to devalue a priceless experience and some of the most common are criticizing, identifying, controlling and coveting it for oneself. We often divide our divine experiences and identify them as our own when their true nature and value can only remain by being unencumbered by ownership.

Hafiz speaks here of our inclination to covetous thievery and the inherent side effects of fear and distrust that this activity breeds. Wanting to believe that we are special and worth holding on to is as common as gravity for humans on earth and, likewise, the fall into reality is an easy call in consequence. Putting a price on what is priceless is a fools errand.

Thank you for listening.

Music: We have freedom and liberation encumbered by inequality and injustice. These are priceless things that have been commodified and weakened as a result. Still there is power within the heart of these precious human rights that will not succumb to fear. When love has been introduced, no amount of math will divide its value.

Art by Rene Milot

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