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Episode One Hundred Eighty Four, Reaching Toward The Millet Fields

Life beyond words. This earth is so stunning. I mean it is really breathtaking! I think it has become even more obvious (at least in MY newsfeeds and neck of the woods) with every person having a camera in their pocket and taking pictures of all the beauty they can to share. I believe this compulsive trend to be the collective PBS of technology. Nature is the one daily, living miracle that holds us, fixes and nurtures us. Some don't bother noticing and this is to everyone's disadvantage because when we allow such beauty into our hearts it slows our despoiling it.

Hafiz speaks of seeing ourselves in nature; seeing our own reflection in its beauty and feeling the necessary separation as human beings from it keenly. At times it feels unbearable to be isolated in this way. At least we have music. Such is the love and our soul's need.

Thank you for listening.

Music: Here is Eva Cassidy, who was only with us for a very short while with her amazing voice, as she sings Sting's song, Fields of Gold with orchestration by Luca Poletti. I'm not crying, you're crying.

The original post in this series of poems by Hafiz (including an addendum regarding the authenticity of these poems) can be found here. Also, my thoughts on this series a year into these poems, HERE.

The Gift: Poems by Hafiz and translated by Daniel Ladinsky can be purchased here.

My book can be purchased HERE. E-book HERE. The Season Two blogcasts with audio excerpts from my book begin HERE: in Behind The Lines. This reading of the book excerpts in a mixed media format is Season Two of this blog. These recorded excerpts are outside the chronological order in which the book was written. Podcasts with audio only beginning with episode 22 can be found HERE.


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