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Episode One Hundred Eleven, Faithful Lover

Updated: Apr 2

This poem makes me think about the masculine and the feminine within all human lives and how it involves relationship and devotion. The sun with its angular, virile force of action and direct motion; and the moon with its fluid, sensuous, reflective, receptive and passionate dance. This fundamental relationship occurs constantly internally and manifests externally in all human beings to various degrees. We are learning to understand it better and develop relationship with whatever parts within ourselves that are out of balance because to live fully is to invite both of these parts of ourselves into our daily lives. Living fully is taking responsibility for the energetics that we are interacting with, projecting, and acting upon.

It has been, in the past that these intentions were externalized in some form to shows us who we are as if we look into a mirror. Now we are in the habit of coupling and partnering with this externalization contract in place. To place an expectation of another to reflect those things that are ours within us to us is a very restricting contract of loving. The love we have for each other exists and thrives just fine without that construct. We need to consider maturing into understanding that we are actually generating the love we take with the love we make in utilizing these two energies in our bodies.

Thank you for listening.

Music: And with that queue, I present you with The End, by the Beatles. A song written by Paul McCartney as a Shakespearean couplet to put a final close the the album Abbey Road and, as well, their epic careers as a band. They certainly lit up the world with their love for us all to enjoy. They pulled in the energy of the sun and the moon and wove it into being the soundtracks to our lives loving each other.

Painting Illusion In The Mirror by Dorina Costras

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