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Episode One Hundred Fifty Six, A Hard Decree

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Hafiz lays into a warning for all inmates of love to find joy in their work or suffer the consequence. This caution seems to be thrown out as a kind of a jab to startle a person into remembering that this life is supposed to be full of intensely satisfying though possibly tough work. We are to live our lives with a clear intention of cultivating joy, making room and holding space for love in the world. To indulge in fear, manipulation, breeding trouble and woe is to invite it into our lives and sink into shark infested waters with the predicted effect that suggests.

These times of our lives are complex and, while we do have our good intentions, we often negate them. What we begin with as one story in our minds can end up leading us into quite another reality. Staying true to one's heartfelt intention is key to understanding what to do when things change. And they always change...usually with no warning. To be without intention, however, or to remain in the dark regarding our culpability and involvement in all manner of human affairs because we are afraid to see it, is a dodge. Hafiz suggests here that there is no hiding place. Reality will come to claim us.

Thank you for listening.

Music: Reality came to claim Leonard Cohen who familiarized himself and studied intently the darker concerns of life. I love Cohen and the gifts he gave us. Though I respect, I do not subscribe to his drama in many ways. Many people do, however, believe like Cohen that the force of life is somehow out side of our being in a form that is hardly benevolent as reflected in this song, You Want It Darker. I think, while I would never want to turn away from the darkness that I hold dear and believe necessary, I'm well aware that I am choosing to bring it forth. Darkness is like a medicine that no one is keen on taking but without it there is no depth to this dimensional human experience we are living. Without it there is no moving forward and growth. It is the measure of the light and the dark that renders us a life and legacy of love to live daily.

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