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Episode One Hundred Ninety Four, What Should We Do About That Moon?

This poem makes me reflect upon the mind as a terrorist. Picture this: everyone and everything is in the flow and all is breathing of life and enjoyment when suddenly the analytical mind takes an awkward yet bold stand. This ruins the mood as it sucks all the easy charm of continuity into focusing on the needs of that tiny, gelatinous, mental blob. Probing questions conspire to interrupt the profound pleasure that is fueling all the enjoyment in a moment. Our minds do not like to be side-lined. A trained mind knows the difference between critical thinking and diversion. A trained mind is in support of intention and is a navigator.

There is just enough fear and terror in the world to fuel a mind that knows only to keep everyone and everything safe. The truth is, if we did not make the mind the guarantor of safety (which is an illusion that it projects) we would be better equipped to solve problems and rise to the needs of situations that constantly go wanting in our world. Our thoughts and prayers are empty without apathy. The mind is necessary and it is not necessarily the only player in our lives when it is given to wandering in lieu of wondering. It has been deemed as the ruler of all things real and tangible for thousands of years leaving our hearts to molder in dogma.

"Yes, well, all this heartfelt debauchery is all well and good but what about threat of that moon, there?" says our brains. This is what a tyrant and a buzz kill the undisciplined mind can be when it is threatened by unfettered feeling. Worse, we are all too eager to abandon a natural flow to bond over the most useless and insincere quests. Critical thinking is important but must we be so hasty to bury our childlike wonder and problem solving abilities to shore up a false sense of security? Hafiz seems to take issue with our penchant for abandoning our instruments of pleasure too quickly to impose a tyranny of form and order.

Thank you for listening.

Video: I found this treasure. I was poking through Pink Floyd videos, as one is wont to do when pondering the moon, so I'm sharing it here. You're welcome.

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