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Episode Thirteen, God Just Came Near

So much of our daily life is traversed upon a well worn path of what we have decided is true. People and events that we see and experience regularly we respond to symbiotically; we dial much our lives in. We are creatures of habit and when we merge with the mundane in our lives, we cease to see and experience people as unique. We do the same with events that have not changed wildly. We can say, "Well, war. We have always had war. It just IS." What if that isn't true? What about science, technology and evolution and new understandings about our human condition? How do they weigh in? What if needing to kill each other is true only because we believe it is true? What would we actually be willing to do to stop the acting out and evolve beyond killing each other? What would that look like? We discuss much more about human history to feed our expectations than we focus on cultivating future possibilities and I think it is time to consider the latter.

If we are lucky and/or inclined towards opening our hearts to new experiences, we can be changed by them. Many of us have synchronistic events or a seemingly inconsequential dream that harbors a language we must cultivate to understand. Hafiz' poetry resides here on the edges of this mysterious dream place using language to tickle open those parts within us that have forgotten to consider things differently.

Thank you for listening.

I'm posting this video because golden tools. Also, laughter stops the crazy assault (war, brutality, bloodshed, torture, grief, revenge and heartbreak) on the senses - if only for a moment - and a moment may be enough to buy a critical breath of grace. We currently carry enough pain being inflicted in this world to ashen billions of hearts. There is truth in the joke in this video excerpt from Twin Peaks. Each one of us has our shit to shovel to release the shadow of this world and it doesn't even cost $29.99 for the golden tool of intention and caring. All it costs is setting aside our overwhelming decisions about what is impossible and our immobilizing fear of love being defeated.

The Flying Carpet, an oil on canvas by Russian painter, Viktor Vasnetsov, 1880.

The original post in this series of poems by Hafiz can be found here.

The Gift: Poems by Hafiz and translated by Daniel Ladinsky can be purchased here.

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