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Episode Thirty Three, If the Falling of a Hoof

When contemplating the meaning of one's life, we often get to the irreconcilable quandary of the meaning up against whatever we have conjured up in our minds (whether consciously or unconsciously) about what death is. Then there are different kinds of death and religious beliefs about death and if there was suffering involved and just how necessary IS suffering? All of these types of questions often stop people from exploring or pursuing the subject of their reason (if they have or even want one) for living at all.

...The Sun has at last parted it's curtain before you -

God has stopped playing child's games with your mind

and dragged you backstage by the hair...

I'm of the opinion that a full life can be a rough life and it is prudent to have a "go bag" of contemplation upon these things before the flood waters rise because rise they will. We can do much in the way of healing by finding the courage to discuss these things with each other. At the very least, we can contemplate them privately.

In this poem Hafiz talks about the larger conversation one might want to explore around the whys of our existence. He speaks of the liberation in stepping into oneself and beyond the fear of a life of intention with its inevitable death and into the sweep of living beyond having to be under the influence of a series of shocks brought on by denial of purpose. It is always an option, of will and all of that.

Thank you for listening.

Music: I was led to this video. It is by Heilung. It makes me think of life, destiny and purpose. The video is a snapshot of what an honorable life and death might look and feel like if we fully lived in our skin and our body was given its due.

NWF Photo by Steve Woodruff

The original post in this series of poems by Hafiz can be found here.

The Gift: Poems by Hafiz and translated by Daniel Ladinsky can be purchased here.


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