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Episode Two Hundred Forty, When Space is Not Rationed

There is a place in our humanity where there is only faith and no one actually knows what or if there is a consequence or a concern for our choices. We are wagering that whatever happens in life, we can work it out fairly and with compassion. I believe that it is in this luminous space where unconditional love abides.

When the United States constitution had its most divine place in the pantheon of civil ideals, everyone in the world was welcome here. There were conditions and there were trials upon arrival but it was set up that all were welcome and we had faith that our brave country was one with justice and freedom for all. We had faith that we could weather the occasional discrepancy, misunderstanding or abuse. It was expected, knowing that humans are fallible, and these considerations were written into our doctrines.

When we find ourselves in love with someone everything feels new and exciting and there is little understanding when two energies merge in this way. Whether it is a country, our parents or a lover, we become exponentially larger in our lives with this collaboration of energies. The space between us is not rationed. It flows with the nature of itself as unconditional until pulled out of its natural tidal flow.

The thing about unconditional love is that it requires faith in the unknown. It is the same with a democratic government. Do we find it exciting? Do we think it is unsafe? Is it controllable? Can we own it? The vibration of this luminous space that Hafiz refers to is a higher energetic. It requires a desire for a life beyond selfish concerns and the questions are framed differently. Are we sincere? Are we welcoming? Do we feel deserving? Can we recognize and accept the unknown to learn new things?

Hafiz seems to be saying that we are so new to this concept of liberation, equality and freedom that we barely have the language at our disposal to discuss it. We must choose faith that when we hear the right language that does not bow to fear and a scarcity mindset, we will know by its resonance that it is real and true. We must believe that we will be able to express and understand ourselves and each other better before we are able to live it. A scarcity mindset does not abide with and an abundant life.

Thank you for listening.

Music: Neil Diamond has been relegated into obscurity over time but he is to American pop culture a true jewel in the crown of his era. The songs he wrote over his life for others have been legion all the while doing right, too, by his own performance career. This song, America, he sang in his brief acting career in the movie, The Jazz Singer. We are all immigrants unless we are natives to this land but, I would wager that on some level even the natives to this land have felt displaced and seek liberty and justice as we all do.

Painting by Sandra Nardone

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