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Episode Two Hundred Nine, Many Lives Ago

This poem struck home deeply within me as a woman in a world inclined to devaluing my presence. There is a millennia of investment in destroying and erasing what the female energy in humanity brings forward. It has never been as obvious as it is now in these modern times. Also, it has never been as needed as it is now to correct the dire misalignment of these vital energies in the world.

The greatest and most valuable piece of the journey over the centuries with this was the collective recognition that the male and the female energies reside within all humans and that this balance needs be tended and cultivated individually. The need for freedom of exploration and the respect and acceptance of diversity and exercising planetary sustainability is paramount for humanity to recover its balance in these matters. The archetype of Lilith, as portrayed in the above painting, personifies this in her story.

Whether or not you believe in other lives that you have lived, perhaps you can still understand the need to hold space for a new way of allowing the feminine consciousness into the daily lives of humanity. Love is love and what we truly love is natural and sacred. We need this balance.

You are often still a mess

Though these days,

At times,

You weep because

You miss


Thank you for listening.

Video: Knowing the Lilith story is empowering. I found this assessment of Lilith on the CONTACTOS - Seres de Luz video site very rich and comprehensive. Lilith is, in a nutshell, the archetype of the disenfranchised feminine. There are many stories about Lilith and several are subject to the bias of the narrator. So be aware. This video is a bit tricky as it is in Spanish and the narration sounds auto generated from text. In English, turning off the sound and adding English subtitles is a way to watch this for those not bilingual. Lilith's story is fascinating and telling regarding how an archetype can be manipulated over thousands of years. Even the biases are revealing. For 6000 years the Lilith archetype has been through it and back again as a symbol of the suppressed feminine power in humanity She is still within each of us and ready for her time as the prodigal daughter bringing us strength, discovery and knowledge from her thousands of years working in solitude.

Painting: “Lady Lilith” by Dante Gabriel Rossetti, 1873.

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