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Episode Two Hundred Thirty One, Every City Is a Dulcimer

If a country, town or village is not well thought out to serve its community, it will be constantly in discord. If a human does not take care of themselves, they will fall prey to accidents, illness and unhappiness as these things manifest.

Our lives are constructed and so is every musical instrument. How we play and how we live is a product of who we are. Our lives are not who we are but a result of our construction and how we apply it. If an instrument is not tuned well, the music is discordant and noisy as it resonates. So it is with our lives. Humans are easily distracted and excitable...

...The lid of a pot starts jumping

When water gets ecstatic from fire...

We know peace through what we have been blessed with in the best of ourselves. Our love and respect for each other are our tools. Music, the arts and athletics remind us of what is possible beyond the construct. We are inspired...

Birds initially had no desire to fly,

What really happened was this:

God once sat close to them playing


Hafiz suggests that if we want humanity to evolve, we must include love in the foundation.

Thank you for listening.

Music: All of our constructs; our nations, our cities, our towns, our families and our bodies are only ours on loan. We are visitors here in all ways. We deconstruct, we reconsider and rebuild but before any of that, we reflect on what we have done and what happened. The seeds of what happens next are what are planted there. This song Our Town by Iris Dement is about this collection of melancholy memories of what we have created of our lives with the constructs we have utilized.

Photo: A Long Lonely Time by Adrian Borda

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