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...I couldn't resist.

I have many to thank for helping me with this book. How did I conjure them up and where did they go? That is a rhetorical question. Just let me say this, in no way should any writing professional who is listed in my acknowledgement be held responsible for the sloppiness of this book! I listened to no one so please be kind. I know it is half baked. When it was suggested that what I wrote was more of a manifesto than a memoir, I thought of the Unibomber and Valerie Solanas in horror. I wondered if I had unconsciously given birth to a monster that sprung from my brain. I wondered if my shadow self had arrived to finally consume me like an ouroboros and I would be shamed to death into a transformation! Traversing these fears was all part of my process.

Of course, I wanted to write something shiny and spectacular. The more I worked on it, however, the more I realized that I didn't have it in me. I mean, I read, I knew I was making a flightless bird pretty early on. It didn't matter. I'm not a writer. I don't aspire to be a writer; that wasn't the point. It really is more of a manifesto than a memoir. What I wanted and continue to want with my story is for it to be outside of me so I can fully be myself and present without carrying the weight of the narrative of myself behind a mask in the few more years I have.

It has been a blessing to do these BlogCasts as a multimedia audio book. I'm thankful for the technology and the access to the tools. It got me through the last bit of this pandemic AND I was able to get more comfortable with these parts of myself that I outed in writing. I'm thankful too to all of you who commented and wrote me in response after publication. It has meant a lot to me.

Thank you for joining me here. The memoir Different Ways: Revealing the Feminine can be purchased through my website using a link to Village Books at There will soon be an eBook version available with an independent retailer. The e-book on Amazon is a bit of a mess but free if you are a Kindle member. Don't buy it. Parts are missing in the E-Book.

The BlogCast that outlines my intentions for this series of readings from my book, Different Ways, Revealing the Feminine can be found here in the post, Between the Lines.

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