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Episode Eighteen, Your Mother and My Mother

Updated: May 7

Our sorrows can run deep. Those of us who recognize the same mother can comfort each other in these sad places because we were born in a womb of darkness and pushed out into the light with an equal force. We are relatives and we stretch across many lifetimes. Humans are our people and if we are lucky enough to connect, there is a solace and a strength in that loving and helping each other along.

Likewise we all have the feminine within us and depending on our dispensation to that, we can lend to the healing. Also we can feed and empower the disease, as we choose. It may seem because of the resistance to what is in the heart that it is of no value. It may seem that we are weak in our insistence that equality be seeded in love and kindness. We may struggle to stand that ground. It may seem that it is only dogma embedded in fear of change and growth that is empowered in this world. Don't forget what the feminine in us all is aligned and allied with. Dogma, religion and oppression is a mechanism of the mind and has no real power in this story. The heart, however, is fed by the energy of the earth itself and the earth, if invited, will empower compassion and empathy and growth and abundance. It does this everyday. It is our source of nourishment in more ways than just food, water and air. The earth is alive.

Hafiz is telling us that nothing of love in a prayer is lost. It will find a home wherever it is needed. We need only make sure we are not sending fear and threats because that will divert our intention to find its home and fuel what we do not intend. We need to be careful not to waste our prayers in these difficult times. They are so desperately needed.

Thank you for listening.

Music: Marvin Gaye's music is healing. When we need to gather in sorrow and we need a tune for that, he is the "go to" guy. He is our brother from our benevolent mother.

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The Gift: Poems by Hafiz and translated by Daniel Ladinsky can be purchased here.


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