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Episode One Hundred Eighty Six, The Sun In Drag

We rarely remember ourselves without our costume of the human body and we are woefully deprived because of this amnesia. We can become hypnotised by our image forgetting that our true identity and power is in recognizing and acknowleging

what is multifacited within us of the divine.

"I don't look divine" a person might say, forgetting that what is essential cannot be seen but can radiate and be felt by those around us. We are all, every day, creating our experiences in working with this gurguling soul soup in process within us. So why doesn't everyone look their ideal? Perhaps because it is not about the ideal we think up. We may be looking through the wrong lens at ourselves. When every moment of our lives is in cahoots with our higher sense of self, we are going to be in time and space perfect for that particular moment in time and space but not necessarily what we think we ought or should be. To whittle our image down to what our minds come up with is really constricting the possibilities of ourselves in each moment of our lives.

Hafiz says

...You are a divine elephant with amnesia

trying to live in an ant


We are so much more than we are aware of.

Thank you for listeing.

Music: I was prompted to this song, Ashes to Ashes by David Bowie. I like it here because it fits with the trials of trying to bring all of who we are into a time and space all at once in a body and the consequence of that. There is a reason that we cannot know all of our own stardust or cosmic identity. Still some of us try and fire that up in our lives either through appearance or life choices. We are either diminishing our light under a bushel basket or grandizing it and grooming ourselves for popularity and acceptance. The true divinity is remembering that everything is as it supposed to be in every moment through inward prompting and curating that as a radiance. All the while kowing that it all can change in a heartbeat. To be in each heartbeat is to be sovereign.

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