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Episode One Hundred Fifty Five, Spiced Manna

I have recently had the unusual experience of losing my sense of smell and taste due to a symptom of the virus Covid-19. It has inspired me to think about what it is to whittle life down to the most minimal effects of necessity. During this phase of the virus, when I get hungry, I can feel my stomach signal me to eat but there is no anticipation, no music; there are no whistles and bells to trigger my imagination on what I might enjoy eating right now or what I, perhaps, set aside special to add to my repast. No. There is just a slight desire to chew on something and a hint of salty, sweet or bitter on my tongue. Life in black, white and grey only.

This experience has brought to my attention that it is the colorful and sensual bits of life that quietly fuel our lives with splendor. In this brilliant poem Hafiz is beseeching us to stay near what brings color and joy and fulfillment into our lives. He doesn't want us to be stolen and enslaved by the constant drone of sorrow, despair and defeat around us. There is a promise of a sustainable sustenance of light and forgiveness always being cultivated for us within our reach. If we do not wander too far away from our heart's intention and our soul's purpose we can enjoy it anytime. Hafiz implores us to stay close.

I sing to the nightingales’ hearts,

hoping they will learn my verse,

so that no one will ever imprison

your brilliant

angel feathers.

Thank you for listening.

Music: Well, now it has come to this! Flapjacks from the Sky by "...the hillbilly Pink Floyd...:" The Slambovian Circus of Dreams. I knew I was saving this beautiful and lush song in the queue for something. Enjoy.

Angels and aliens know the real way to get high

We knew it too before we ate that apple and died

Shoulda ate them flapjacks from the sky

The original post in this series of poems by Hafiz (including an addendum regarding the authenticity of these poems) can be found here. Also, my thoughts on this series a year into these poems, HERE.

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My book can be purchased HERE. E-book HERE. My reading of the book excerpts in a mixed media format is Season Two of this blog. These recorded excerpts are outside the chronological order in which the book was written. The Season Two blogcasts with audio excerpts from my book begin HERE: in Behind The Lines . Podcasts with audio only beginning with episode 22 can be found HERE.


Sep 04, 2023

I am. Thank you, Mary.


Mary Sherman
Mary Sherman
Aug 31, 2023

Hope you're feeling better!

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