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Episode One Hundred Seventy One, Then Winks

Having our experiences validated by others is presented to us growing up as a goal in our life. Good grades, trophies, awards...these are a confirmation of belonging. Craving this kind of recognition, however, can set us on a course that only others would choose for us. It feels good to receive notice for the things we do. Millions of people present themselves currently on social media and count the "likes" they receive and this becomes a validation for popularity, for instance. It doesn't seem to matter that half (or more) of the people who are enjoying what we are doing are troglodytes who in real time we would not desire to spend any real time at all with. It's a numbers game.

Hafiz reminds me of this subject in this poem. I hear a reference to our capricious nature when it meets extraordinary experience and how, in sharing our deep and abiding joy in the mood, it can land us in the severe judgement of others who are not wanting us to be what is not expected; not wanting us to be different from them, and not wanting us to bring surprise and change to their doors. Conditional love is just that. It requires our behaving a certain way to receive a sense of belonging. Outliers need not expect to be seen or appreciated for who they are.

No matter how secure a person is in their own skin with their joys and sorrows, there will be someone deciding their worth. It is best we know our own address and give and receive from there.

Thank you for listening.

Music: I had to noodle around for this. This video reminds me of social media and the energy that goes into being liked and validated. She shows where that focus can lead. M.I.A. a visual artist, filmmaker and singer/rapper has made a name for herself in the arts. Here she is with the song and video, Popular.

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