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Episode One Hundred Sixty Six, Where Is The Door To The Tavern?

Synchronicity is an ever-present reality for those who have eyes to see.

-Carl Jung

...and I might add, anyone can see sychronistically, if they choose to.

I rarely hear people say that they can't wait to get to the church to feel that expansive divine energy coursing through their bodies filling them with feeling of love, benevolence and belonging. I'm more likely to hear someone excitedly awaiting a Netflix series, big game, a festival, a conference, a concert at a club or arena so they can be swept into a group frenzy of joyful exuberance. Or, perhaps, someone is excited to enter to commune with the earth's wild: a forest, a river, the beach or a mountain. Obviously, I'm not steeped in a religious life because, no doubt, there are people excited about church. Yet all of these things have to do with how we connect with spirit. They are all felt as holy even if they are defined simply as happy memories. All have us seeking a feeling of inclusion, connection, belonging and support from something larger than the self alone and beyond the norm.

In this poem Hafiz is reminding us that there is holiness in all things as we go through our day. While we retreat to whatever tavern or communal space we chose to go to to connect on a regular basis, we can also stop and simply look around within these things and throughout them and be in touch with all that we are connected to in every breath and step we take daily. While it does require discipline, an element of devotion and focus, it is an optional perspective to live by or visit periodically.

Thank you for listening.

Music: Seize The Day, says Sir Paul McCartney. And the wise among us will do this and do it in some way everyday.

When the cold days come

And the old ways fade away

There'll be no more sun

And we will wish that we had

Held on to the day

Seize the day.

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