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Episode Two Hundred Eleven, Some Of The Planets Are Hosting

We are human. We are curious beasts whether we want to own it or not. We wonder.

...God has sent out ten thousand messengers

Announcing a great bash tonight some of the planets

Are hosting

Where the lead singer is God...

At some juncture in a person's life there is generally a point that we begin to notice that there is something going on beyond our ken. There is an assortment of reactions to this, of course. Some ignore it. Some make up narratives that spike dramatic claims of conspiracy theories; some believe they have had conversations with a spiritual deity and they create religions and beliefs to support their special understanding; some philosophize and teach; some look to the stars and planets for guidance; some create art in fiction and in visual mediums feeling into what they sense is happening in life through their experiences. All of these things trend across the scope of human evolution and all are valid in their own contexts.

It has been my experience that everyone has a private language that they cultivate in their own time of living. It is how we speak to ourselves and inform our lives; it is what we use to develop our reality. For many this is done without intention. For the more adventurous it is done by developing an eye, ear and heart for patterns and vibrations. I consider myself in the second camp. I find life fascinating when I slow down and open up enough to appreciate how full it is.

My inner conversational language requires that I maintain a higher vibration than what I was born with and that I remain open and available to suggestion and guidance. The suggestions are vibrational and sometimes blunt and confusing, frankly, but they are always keen to keeping me true and in alignment with the best of myself. Even the malefic and the tragic, hold a life force. At all times this energy is benevolent and caring but human evolution is a long walk through vastly diverse and often challenging terrain. Life can - and often is - painful.

To quote William Prince's song, Always Have What We Had, from his stellar album, Reliever:

...'Cause flesh and blood needs flesh and blood

And where there's blood there's pain...

In keeping with being open, there is also my understanding that I could die any moment. Having guidance in life doesn't mean that one doesn't have to die or have knowledge of their death. It means that there is always support for soul maintenance. People die, souls do not. One can be an absolute shithead to themselves and everyone around them until their last moments of life when they grasp this in their eleventh hour...if they do. I try and live everyday so that when the moment comes for me to leave, I will know my personal language and have this conversation with myself that allows a possible peace. I believe that having oneself on speed dial has its benefits.

Hafiz talks here about how the messengers and messages of spirit work in this world in conjunction with the planets and the cosmos and this, within us, is God. He speaks of how it is really quite an exciting phenomena and he mentions that many don't even get past the initial threshold of understanding the depth of their experience. They do not even make it to the party for all of the distractions. But we don't have to be at every party; no FOMO required... because we have Hafiz to report to us what we have missed when we are ready to join the festivities.

Thank you for listening.


This movie, What Dreams May Come with Robin Williams wasn't a blockbuster but it rolled forward in my memory as I ended writing this post so I'm putting this clip in here. I favored the film not for its romantic aspirations but for its vivid and whimsical inquisition regarding soul and transmutation. The movie, itself, invites the viewer to envision the scope of the brilliant and the malevolent aspects of the human experience regarding life and the afterlife. The wonder and passion that Robin projected so vividly in this role as Chris Nielsen was spectacular. Like many stars and planets, he is a messenger for us.

“What's true in our minds is true, whether some people know it or not.”

-Robin Williams as Chris Nielsen

Art by Anziehend

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