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Episode Two Hundred Fifteen, A Clever Piece Of Mutton

Updated: Apr 14

From a creative thought to a creative takes time and we must linger with our ideas to value them. It is the process that infuses the creation in this dimension.

Art and talent to the uninitiated appears in these modern times to have just magically appeared before our eyes. In truth, for the artist it has been a log time in applying themselves in one way or another to bring their vision(s) to fruition. There is the desire, the cultivation of the desire, the acquiring of the skills to create the desire and then the honing of those skills. After that, possibly the exponential trajectory of contentedness to bring the creation into the world. Art as an idea and what is actually produced is the result of a long process. That is not to say that miraculous, spontaneous art does not happen but if any efforts we do in this plane of existence is to have soul, it must be gestated and born into our awareness through time and some kind of human energy. Cultivating knowing the difference between a human creation and a copied idea may be a necessity as we experience the world in a new way with Artificial Intelligence.

Hafiz speaks here about lingering with a dream and to not just gobble up every idea that we have and to throw it against the wall to see if it sticks. He wants to curate his poetry and savor his experience while creating his work. We are all benefiting accordingly.

Thank you for listening.

Video: I came across this interview as I was flipping through the intertubes thinking on this subject and I found what David Bowie is saying here relates to what Hafiz suggests in terms of what it takes to stand in one's power as a creator of art. He shares his process and the important message when it comes to curating ideas: Do Not Play To The Gallery which he explains. Bowie stands as an individual and as an artist and a strong example of how to use time, talent and experience to bring his best forward. We were so fortunate to have his brilliant art in our lives.

The original post in this series of poems by Hafiz (including an addendum regarding the authenticity of these poems) can be found here. Also, my thoughts on this series a year into these poems, HERE.

The Gift: Poems by Hafiz and translated by Daniel Ladinsky can be purchased here.

My book can be purchased HERE. E-book HERE. The Season Two blogcasts with audio excerpts from my book begin HERE: in Behind The Lines. This reading of the book excerpts in a mixed media format is Season Two of this blog. These recorded excerpts are outside the chronological order in which the book was written. Podcasts with audio only beginning with episode 22 can be found HERE.


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