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Episode Two Hundred Forty Three, The Only Material

Hafiz suggests that we have access to everything essential that we need to feel vital and alive within us at all times. We always have had this. Even when it seemed too dire to continue living we have everything we need to be in our lives on our own terms and resourceful. Our work is to open that channel.

Framing our lives based upon what is outside of ourselves is steeped in a scarcity consciousness. We are not used to living our lives as our own creation and because of this there is confusion and always a sense that we need something outside of ourselves that we do not have access to...a partner, a car, a job that pays well, a special talent, an ideal, a savior, children; any of these things. This mindset plays us often in our society by sending us shopping or looking outside of ourselves for something to satisfy the restless sense of needing something missing in our lives. We are urged to buy things and to go to retreats and travel to exotic places. This is touted as a panacea to happiness and a sense of fulfillment. It never works for long to sate our restless souls, of course, because often our journeys are is not utilizing and seeded in the one resource we have that is not directly attached to others: our sense of worth, value and our process in actively creating our reality.

Hafiz says in this poem that the one resource we always have is our sense of sovereignty and we always have access to that no matter what we - or others - may perceive.

Thank you for listening.

Music: According to Wikipedia, Jamestown Rival " music that they want to hear as opposed to what is appealing to the masses..." I think that what they hear is valuable, as in this song, Poor Man's Gold. The song is self explanatory. We don't find what we deeply desire in life by following someone else's idea of who we are or what we should want.

Painting: "Superstition by David Carmack Lewis

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