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Lilith and the Nature of Negative Space, Part Four

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

Photo Credit Stephen Dunn

Different Ways #10 Lilith and the Nature of Negative Space, Part Four

Saving our lives. The web's portentous gift to the feminine and the wild.

The internet has a light and a dark side. I would never had been able to write and publish my book with out the assistance of tools online. Yet this space is rife with false fronts (masking), deceit, and coercion. One must cultivate a sense of the dark - think like a predatory animal to know its language and its ways (Lilith) and utilize critical thinking (Lucifer) to navigate and be able to interact on the internet safely. And here's the kicker: it must be done without our body present to help us read the room. We must develop a psychic sense about the kinds of interactions we are involved in online. The fact that we could not even fathom such a thing existing 20 years ago is not even factored as a fascination. We have all been swept into an evolutionary expanded consciousness by following a trail of electronic toys. You can feel the plot thicken as more and more human activities are added into our lives when everything in our world engages some part of our personality with an established archetype.

As was suggested 50 years ago, "we are all psychic". Well, now, here we are.

Different Ways, Chapter 26, pp. 217-220

The need to step off the treadmill of blaming and hating needs to cease before we can get down to the business of restructuring a sustainable existence in the world. It can only be done if people take the step to stop it. Not stop others, but stop ourselves from energizing and nurturing what we hate and what hates us.

As I mentioned before and I think it warrants another mention here, I'm of the opinion that we have all contributed to the the advancements in our modern world at one time or in one way or another. We are complicit in these wonders and in the terrors that have wrought the world as we have evolved. It was always about choice but now as we move into a consciousness that embraces where we all meet, it includes personal consequence. Now it is about how and when we will own up to the extremes of what we have invented and destroyed; now it is about if we can curate and use these wonders we have manufactured and cultivated in a sustainable manner to honor the earth as her co creators in a balanced dance.

Music: In truth I surfed out this video. I listen to Daft Punk every once and awhile and they are an obvious fit here I think. Who wires the house electronically better? Think you can't dance? Try stopping. We are all already on the floor.

Thank you for joining me here. The memoir Different Ways: Revealing the Feminine can be purchased through my website using a link to Village Books at There is also an eBook version available at Amazon.

The blogCast that outlines my intentions for this series of readings from my book, Different Ways, Revealing the Feminine can be found here on the post, Between the Lines.


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