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The Robber Don't Hate You

Diagnosed Mortal #18

In this episode I dive into an intensely compressed story of how I have been existing and navigating on frequencies most of my life.

This essay was written long before I had written my book and as I read it now, I'm laughing. Did I really think in 2017 that this was such a trifling matter? Yes. Yes, I did. It wasn't until I wrote out my life in the long view in Different Ways did I begin to grasp the actual patterns my life was laying down around the things I was attracted radio frequencies, sound and music. Literally, much of my book is about this dynamic in my life and how I navigated - with, up, down, around, and over - these things. I wrote my way into a better understanding with all of this. I know a lot more now about how I survived and learned to thrive my from my experiences

Music: I had originally used Danny Schmidt's song "Stained Glass" that is quoted at the beginning of the audio file with this essay. This is an amazingly well crafted and moving song that has influenced my life. I recommend you give it a listen but I changed my music choice here for the video. I wanted a song that brings this issue up to date and reflects more of how I feel about my process with these influences now. There are mirrors in both songs used effectively. As much as I wanted to believe in something, I never believed in the robber. I held fast to myself and what I felt was essentially true beyond the general narrative as obvious. In this way, I avoided ruin by knowing the robber didn't hate me. All the catastrophes that arrive do so in disguise and are designed to take things away as part of the process of revealing a receiving.

~For the curious: this Blogpost explains my motivation and intention for this series of 20 essays in the Diagnosed Mortal series~


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